सुनसान सड़क पर कार में एक लड़की को लिफ्ट दीया , फिर कार में प्रवेश करते ही!???

A lot of vehicles were coming up short on traffic in Noida city, traffic out and about. There was an uproarious young lady remaining solitary in the sunset space out and about and affectionately giving her a lift. Simply in the wake of seeing a young lady, a vehicle breaks promptly and remains close to the young lady. At that point, the young lady needs a lift with a vehicle that cherishes the vehicle. An individual is additionally glad to offer a lift.

A young lady sits inside the vehicle and both get out. The young lady is conversing with the individual for some time, yet then on one of the modes abruptly calls to stop the vehicle. Aam Aadmi additionally blocks the vehicle by tuning in to the young lady’s discussion. The young lady leaves the vehicle and afterward carries the police with her. Young lady blames the police for the way that the individual sitting in the vehicle assaulted her. It will bother to hear a vehicle. After that extortion is turned on.

This isn’t a film story yet it is a genuine wonder. Interestingly, there are some police officers from the genuine story of scoundrel Noida. You can likewise call it Gudda, which can be known as a Ladida. He has an arrangement that makes individuals tricking individuals with the assistance of young ladies and afterward raises a huge number of rupees by compromising them. At the point when this young fellow was uncovered, other police faculty from Noida likewise began impeding on this citizen with his individual police. At the point when the overall population is stuck in an unfortunate situation, they go to the police, however, what will occur if the police begin to extort the general population.

As per data, a pack of 15 individuals, including Sector-44 Police Keeper, 3 Sepoy and 2 ladies, was making a casualty of the casualties of the street. The young lady of this posse was taking a lift before the obscure individual and afterward blamed her with a dishonest complaint and gathered an enormous whole of cash.

From the captured pack, the police got Rs 50,000 from Richter and a Honda City vehicle. This mission of Verdi was running for quite a while. Up until now, in excess of 15 individuals have been caught along these lines. His break came when he was going to charge one lakh rupees from a young fellow caught in the snare. In such a circumstance, the young fellow gave the data straightforwardly to the SSP.

At that point when this entire examination is done then the standard of this group of criminals turned out. For the sake of the captured individuals, the Sector-44 Police Inspector Sunil Sharma, Constable Manoj Kumar, Ajayvar Singh, Devendra Kumar, PCR Driver Vipin Singh, Devesh Kumar, Rajesh Salim, Satish or Ankit, Harim Sharma, Suresh Kumar, Deshraj, Vineeta’s significant other is Satish and Pooja.

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