Know the cost of the work done in your village

Friends, Know the cost of the work done in your village. many funds are given to the villages by the government, yet the condition of the villages does not improve, due to sarpanch, there is no improvement in the village. The government is giving a lot of contribution to village sarpanch and development of villages. But the sarpanch is manipulating money. In the past, due to the absence of technology service, the funding of government development technology. But due to the development of technology in today’s time, it is very beneficial.

  1. Today we are going to tell you today about the link to a government website, through which you will know the cost of works done in your village in just a single minute.
  2. You can see here that the Government of India has given the amount of money to the Sarpanch for the development of our village. If you find any irregularities, you can direct your complaint to the public at the center. Let’s say about the link. This is a
  3. If this link is open then you can select it in the language. Right now here is the option of Hindi, English,  and Punjabi.
  4. Then click here on your plan year. As shown in the picture.
  5. Eg. If you want to know how much money came from the government in 2015-16, then you should opt for the 2015-16 option. Then click on the name of the state you will be asked.
  6. After selecting state then you will be given the option named Plan Unit Type. Choose the option of GRAM PANCHAYAT.
  7. After that, you have to choose your district panchayat the district name
  8. After selecting the district panchayat name then select the name of the district panchayat or block.
  9. Following the district panchayat, the name of the village panchayat will come.
  10. After that click on GET REPORT, then you will see a report from your village. That is why the government has given a lot of money to the village sarpanch for the development of the village and to see how much work has been completed. So let’s know the report information.

We can see the report, how much money has come from the government till now in the village/village/ ward and how much work done by our village sarpanch and your board members. And the complete information about how many rupees have been taken from the government can be obtained. If you have come to work from the government and your sarpanch or the official did not work, then we can complain about the public offering center.

Everyone needs to be awake and others need to do this. At present, all information is provided by the government on the online website. We just need to read and know it. If only 5-6 people in every village tell this information to the people of their village, then 70% of the corruption will be reduced. That is why this link is wrong for any sarpanch in the village if it makes a mess in the middle, and development of the village can also be speeded up.

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