वर्षों पुरानी पहेली का जवाब जानिए-अंडा पहले आया या मुर्गी?

This puzzle was a major issue for many years before Yunnan thinkers, and these riddles have given rise to many controversies, a puzzle, which was being asked as a question that the chickens had come in the first place and now The answer to the puzzle has been found. You have seen and heard that the answer to this question is always a pain in the head.

When this question was answered, people used to say that the answer was wrong when the chicken first came, because where the egg came without eggs and if the egg came, it would have been said that where the egg without poultry and how Come on. Can come

Answer: On the basis of quantum physics, many scientists worked hard to respond to this tragedy and finally found that Queensland University of Australia and scientists from NEER of France reported that the answer to this quiz was found in quantum physics. According to this organization, both chickens and eggs are available. According to researcher Jackie Romero, it is possible at the scheduled time and quantum mechanics.

According to the scientists, the reason for this uncertainty came from the order: Scientists said in research that both things can happen first because it is considered a sequence of uncertainty. This rule is not generally applicable, but according to scientists, the photonic quantum switch configuration was used to know this rule. After this discovery, it was decided that the sequence of two events which depends on the other thing, is called control.

As an example, it is said that the small stocking points of the computer are bits and its value is 0 or 1. Accordingly, if the control number is 0, then it is before B. If a control number is 1 then it is considered to be B. If the same thing is known for quantum physics, then it is believed that bits are considered to be a super condition when one item is placed on the other.

In this way, if someone’s mind can be both one and two at the same time. Based on this, the above-mentioned thing can be considered true. Similarly, if you move according to the rule of quantum physics, bits are not classified. With the precise measurement of control, the sequence determined is defined as the undefined sequence between A and B phenomena.

It is believed that the first is between A and B and this truth can be similar. Even quantum physics also claims to be of both. After this conclusion, it can be determined that it is possible to produce both things at the same time and according to this rule, both can be produced simultaneously.

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