BUDGET 2019: Recently Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman the Total budget of the 2nd Narendra Modi budget to the government in the Lok Sabha on July 5, 2019.

Excise duty on immediate

In order to promote ‘Make in India’, the customs duty of some products will be increased

➡ Import of silver and silver is expensive: Customs gold and silver imported from abroad has been increased from 10% to 12.5%.

1 rupee increase in excise duty on petrol and diesel

Booster Dosage for Food Sector: To eliminate custom duty on import of equipment
5% of the books imported from abroad will be charged

To Live Life: No tax on income up to Rs. 5 lakhs

7% surcharge on the income of more than 50 million

3% increase in surcharge in annual income of between 2 and 5 million

There is a tax increase in the country’s banks
The surcharge has an additional income of Rs 2 crore annually

Do not discount online payment by shopkeepers

Tax will be charged on the tax of more than Rs 1 crore tax: Cash will be charged 2% TDS on cash from CD to cash in excess of Rs.1 crore

Now, the option to pay the dependent of the Aadhaar card: So far, for PAN card it was necessary to fill the income tax return but IT can now be filtered through Aadhaar card.

Relief on loan interest: Up to 1.50 rupees will be available up to 45 lakh rupees at home

Relief on loan interest: now an exemption from the interest of 3.5 lakh for affordable housing.

Big relief for a startup in agency tax

➡Startups will not be disturbed by the IT department,
The startup will not have IT Scratagaga
The cases of IT department against startups will be settled soon

Corporate tax relief:
Rs. Companies with a turnover of up to 400 crores will have to pay 25% corporate tax.

No tax on electric vehicle reduced from 12% to 5%
Interest Subsidy for the purchase of e-vehicle up to Rs

Corporate tax relief:

Companies with less than 400 crore income in the country will have to pay 99.3% of the total companies i.e. now only pay 0.70% to 30% tax.

Live watch: The process of selling Air India will be resumed

The goal of Rascal fiscal deficit could be up to 3.3 percent.

The new coins of Rs 5 and Rs 10 will be made for the donor

Collection of 78 percent increase in direct tax collection

The Modi government thanked the taxpayers of the country

National Pension Scheme has been separated from PFRDA

➡ Foreign Loan Growth Plan: Foreign debt is less than 5% with GDP ratio

New Currency Coins of Will 20 rupees will be issued

Women self-help group scheme will be started in every district of the country

India will take a loan from the overseas market:
The improvement of the country’s condition, the plan to raise the loan at the cheap rate from the foreign market

Gandhian Mahatma Gandhi’s values ​​will be prepared to make the youth aware

➡2019-20 increase target targets:
Government plans to raise Rs 1 lakh crore by selling stake in government companies in the budget.

The target of disinvestment target of Rs 1 lakh crore for the year-202019-20:
This was 80,000 crores in the interim budget

Crore banks’ lack of Rs 1 lakh crore in NPAs

Government stake in PSU companies will decrease by 51%
The number of government banks will be reduced to 8

For the development of infrastructure, the central government will invest Rs 100 lakh crore in the next five years

Government Booster Dosage for NBFC: Government Acquisition to Cooperate Banks and MF

Bo Booster Dose to NBFCs:
PSU banks get rid of a six-month credit guarantee to support strong NBFCs.

➡NBFC’s regulatory authority will change:
It will now be managed by the Reserve Bank of India and not the National Housing Board, NBFC area to improve the situation.

➡ National Sports Education Board will be started under Khali India Scheme

Government to get 70,000 crore rupees in banks: Modi government announces Rs 70,000 crore for strengthening of government banks

Four new embassies will be started in 2019-20

➡Bank recovered Rs 4 lakh crore under IBC
Rs 1 lakh crore reduction in NPAs of banks

Moti started the mission to connect traditional products and craftsmen with the global economy

For the women holding account holders, the government will allow overdraft up to Rs 5000

➡NRI will get support card
When NRI arrives in India, there will be immediate Aadhar card

Under Madam Yojana, Rs.1 lakh crore has been provided to women for financing
Interest on women self-help groups has been given
Women will get an interesting subsidy of Rs

The brightest plan shines India:
Under this plan, 35 million bulbs have been distributed. This scheme has saved the public’s 18,341 crores.

The committee for women’s empowerment will be created
Promotions of women thou Narayan: Sitharaman
Women’s participation is important for the economy

Women, scheduled castes and tribes will also get huge benefits under the Upstart India Scheme.

New education policy will be presented
The Indian Higher Education Commission will be set up
A new department will be created for game development

➡Budget Live: The government announced to extend the startup India scheme by 2025

Live Bidet: Callings will be extended to India’s plan

400 crore rupees will be supported by the central government

MOT will be launched for new TV show-channel startups
The tax issue for startups will be decided soon

Study in India program for foreign students: Sitharaman

Talk about changes in the law:

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